Monday, February 25, 2008

ClarkU Rooftops

So, sometimes I really suck. Like when I include the railing of what I'm on in my photos. I feel like I got across what it was like to be out on this night, but the edges really offset everything for me. It's not cropable without losing a good amount of what I like the most about it, so I'm just going to wait until this happens again so hopefully I can retake these photos.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I've started using 35mm color film as it's much easier to bring in my bag with me when I go out with Brit(she's the one in the pink, the other is her best friend). I noticed she's no longer a part of my photos, and I felt I needed to change that. I keep vowing to go home every weekend(only a 25min trip) and photograph my family, but that was a failed project before it even began. (Why'd I take 5 classes?) Well, I'm resurrecting it, now. I feel a big need to photograph the people I know and the things I know, that have been in my life forever. It's getting back to the reason why I had any interest in photography. Anyways, it's honestly more important than the towers of school work I have.

Friday, February 8, 2008

One night I decided to conquer a fear. That is, being afraid of how long to expose a night photo. So I played around with different times, for this shot I did a 5,10, and 15 minutes exposure. This one is the 15 minute one. I think what I gained the most from this photo is learning the amount that stars move in 15 minutes. So that sort of thing really fascinates me, I just haven't gone out on a clear night yet. And I'm not sure what anyone really thinks of this photo. I really love it. I like the blue and spurts of red and yellow. That sort of thing gets me too. Another thing is that it's very nostalgic. This is looking from my backyard into my neighbors backyard. And that big tree thing closest to the foreground is one of the trees my dad had planted when we moved in. And this night was a night that reminds me of being little and playing in the snow late at night with my brother and sisters. So I don't know if that skews my judgment more than it should. I'd like to think I know enough to know if it's a good photo or not. I'm entering it into arts worcester anyways.