Saturday, December 15, 2007


I find a lot of things funny. I kick myself for not shooting as much as I want to, out of fear of the person I'm approaching will say no, or I will fumble too much. I don't think I take as much time as I should taking a photo. This was a rushed one, I was really nervous.(Should I even be telling you this?) First night ever really using a flash with the intention of conquering it, and it's working, in my opinion. This is from Halloween night, I happened upon a Baby Dinosaur eating M&Ms off the floor while grown-ups just stood around.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finals and Fire Engines

Finals are upon us. Half of mine are portfolios due tomorrow, so I'm lucky I guess. It sure makes it easier to study for the others, no rushing and no stressing. But being surrounded by people who are stressing and freaking out, stresses me out, so in the end I kind of lose anyways.
This is an image from a fire that was very near Clark, right off of Maywood St. There were too many fire engines rushing past my dorm(yes I live in one of those places) for me to not go check it out.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Uncle Henry

With the switch to color film, I decided to create a blog. This is an image of my Great Uncle Henry, but we just call him Uncle Henry. A word I would use to describe him is tender. He looks like he could be not all up there in the head, but he is. He gave me words of wisdom: "Whatever you do, don't get old."